October 7th, 2011

do not want

This freshmen

I want to smack her so hard. UGHHH. She wears fake glasses that she stole from a movie theater, she wears fake lip rings and nose rings. Yesterday she went around telling people she was a hipster and everyone else is too mainstream. She writes really bad stories about emo kids falling in love and tells everyone how it's going to be published someday (I don't know, maybe if she talked to whoever published the Twilight books, she might have a chance). She goes around talking about her pansexuality as if it makes her superior to everyone else. And yesterday she posted a video on youtube about how much she hates furries and how disgusting they are, etc. Now, I am not a furry. I don't particularly enjoy furry artwork at all. But you know what, my best friend is  a furry, and where the hell does this little brat get off calling people disgusting because of what they like and how they dress? And when I told her that she's welcome to her own opinions but that I don't want to hear about how much she hates people like my best friend, she started saying how gross they are and making fake gagging sounds. You know what, narrow-minded little freshmen? Next japanese club we're going to all wear cat ears. Grow up.