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{Harlequinically Yours}
Some love can only be requited in such an ending.
4 years later.... 
26th-Aug-2015 12:39 pm
my dice

New student orientation,  started the day manic and really out of it, to the extent that James noticed and expressed concern.

Didn't sleep well last night, brain was trying to tell me I didn't need sleep,  that I should just stay awake forever, that it would be fun. Almost went for it. Thankfully,  didn't.

I think I'm doing better now. Still manic, less obnoxiously so.

I need to be keeping better track of my moods and my mental health in general.

Tummy ache this morning.

Been manic for a few days,  feeling desperately hypersexual and unstable. Didn't realize it was mania until yesterday when James pointed it out.

We had a long and not incredibly fun discussion about our sex life,and some ways in which I had been unknowingly making this difficult. I wish he had communicated things to me sooner, I'm appalled that I've been making him feel that I'm annoying and patronizing. I don't want to do that,  I wasn't trying to and had no idea that was the effect I was having.

I need to be more direct.

I love him so much and I feel so much better after the talk.
Even though I cried, and felt terrible about it last night, I know I need talks like this to improve. I want to be the beary Quinn I can be.

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