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{Harlequinically Yours}

Some love can only be requited in such an ending.

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30 November 1992
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Constantly changing.
ai no kusabi, anime boston, art, asumiko nakamora, atelier boz, ball-jointed dolls, band-aids, bats, blood, bloomers, btssb, cirque du soile, cleaning my room, collaborations, collars, color contacts+glasses, comically bad horror movies, compulsion+obsession, computers, conflict, constructive criticism, cosplay+costumes, counseling+ helping, cravats, csi, cuddling+snuggling+contact, debates+discussions+ conversations, demonia, demons, deviantart, diseases, disney movies, domukes+subsemes, dr.lector, dress up, ebay, edo period, egyptian, elegance, eloquence, emilie autumn, emotion, english, enzai, etiquette, eye patches, fan art, fanfiction, fashion, food, foreign films, french, friends+love, frills, gaiaonline, german, god complexes, god-aweful sex addicts club, good moods, goth, grammar, gyakuten saiban, h.naoto, hair+make up+hair dye, harlequin patterns, horror, hottopic, humor, icons, imaginary friends, indiscriminate flirting, individuality, insignias, japanese, kaori yuki, keyboard smiley faces, lace, language barriers+foreign accents, letters, livejournal, lolita, loveless, manga, masochists, mhs teachers, mitsukazu mihara, morals, music, names, naruto, nekomimi, night, notebooks, notes, old insane asylums, organizing+decorating, original characters, paradoxes, pastries, photography, photoshop, piercings, pins+safty-pins, pocket watches, pocky, poetry, poison, princes, psychology, quotes, rain, receiving art, ribbons, roleplaying, romance, roses, sadists, satire, self-destructive habits, sewing, sharks, singing, sleeping+dreaming, snakes, spiders, spring+fall, stitches, straight-edge lifestyles, style, subeta, sushi, tea, teacups, the happening, the killing room, tokyo mew mew, top-hats, torment, tragedy, truly speaking freely, vampire fangs, vampires, vampricabra, victorian era, violin/electric violin, visual kei, whips, writing, yaoi, yuri

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